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Ortho Appliances

Ortho Appliances is the branch of dentistry that deals with straightening and correcting the tooth alignment and the dental specialist who does this is called an "Orthodontist". Ortho Appliances is not only used to improve your appearance. Malocclusion or malaligned teeth can have long term effects, such as:
Removable Appliances
Removable appliances are appliances, which can be easily removed and reinserted into mouth. They consist of wires and screws held together by a plastic base and are used to move teeth and jaws into better relationships using gentle force. It is more commonly used in the correction of teeth in the upper jaw. They also allow differential eruption of teeth, for example by using bite planes. They differ from fixed appliances, which are capable of complex movements of multiple teeth, including bodily movement, root torque and rotation.
Lower Sagittal Anterior Drive
Lower Sagittal Distal Drive
Lower Scwartz

Upper 3 Way Sagittal
Upper Sagittal Anterior Drive
Lower 3-Way Sagittal

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