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Orthodontic Appliances

Orthodontic Appliances a device, either fixed to the teeth or removable, that applies force to the teeth and their supporting structures to produce changes in their relationship to each other and to control their growth and development. Anything your orthodontist attaches to your teeth that moves your teeth or changes the shape of your jaw.
Indirect Bonding Trays
We recommend using orthodontic stone instead of plaster whenever possible. We find that stone gives an added level of accuracy in the model pour-up and is more durable to work with in the laboratory. The precision necessary with Indirect Bonding is directly related to the fit of the custom pads to the dental model and teeth, and the best results are achieved by the use of the best practices and materials. We also recommend using a premium-grade alginate such as Kromopan for taking all Indirect Bonding impressions. Kromopan is especially desirable for impressions that cannot be poured immediately; it is accurate and stable if poured within seventy-two hours. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation regarding the proper water-to-powder ratio when mixing the stone. For consistency, a power mixer with a vacuum attachment is also recommended.

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