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Orthodontic Appliances

Orthodontic Appliances a device, either fixed to the teeth or removable, that applies force to the teeth and their supporting structures to produce changes in their relationship to each other and to control their growth and development. Anything your orthodontist attaches to your teeth that moves your teeth or changes the shape of your jaw.
Bio Functinal Appliances
Functional appliances all have a similar purpose: to help your jaws develop normally, and help you achieve facial balance.

Twin Block :- The Twin Block appliance is used to help a receded jaw grow forward and skinny or narrow jaws grow wider to help you keep all of your permanent teeth. If you have an overbite (buck teeth), it's usually caused by your lower jaw not growing out enough; on the other hand, crowded teeth most frequently mean that your jaw did not grow wide enough. These are the cases in which Dr. Faubl may recommend a Twin Block - sometimes adding a few braces and wires to help give your appliance a head start.

Rick-a-nator :- If your teeth aren't crowded, however, but your jaw is receded, Dr. Faubl may recommend the Rick-a-nator appliance. And it may be that your course of treatment will require one appliance at one time in the process and another one at another time. The important thing to remember is that these appliances can give you a really NICE face - a face that looks much more "balanced," with a normal jaw line and a pleasing smile.

Frankel Appliances :- The Frankel appliances are removable designs invented by Professor Rolf Frankel. The Frankel philosophy uses the vestibules to enhance favorable growth in developing dentition and restrict undesireable muscle forces. Thus, the Frankel appliance is reported to provide an “ideal” environment for maximum arch development and proper skeletal jaw relationship.

Bionator :- The Bionator is a removable appliance used to help correct an “overbite” by promoting lower jaw growth. In cases where it is appropriate to use this appliance, it will be part of the beginning phase of orthodontic treatment. Since a Bionator is primarily an orthopedic appliance, which influences the growth of bone, the appliance should be used during a period of maximum growth. Generally, the younger the patient's age when it is used, the more change observed over a period of growth. If the patient doesn't grow during use of the Bionator, only changes in tooth position will be seen. When a patient reaches the stage we call skeletal maturity, this appliance is no longer effective at influencing jaw growth.

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