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Ortho Appliances

Ortho Appliances is the branch of dentistry that deals with straightening and correcting the tooth alignment and the dental specialist who does this is called an "Orthodontist". Ortho Appliances is not only used to improve your appearance. Malocclusion or malaligned teeth can have long term effects, such as:
Fixed Applinaces
A fixed appliance is a dental appliance which cannot be removed by the patient. Dental appliances are used to move the teeth to correct malocclusion, situations in which the teeth are not aligned properly in the mouth. Depending on the nature of the malocclusion, a dental appliance may be worn primarily for cosmetic reasons, to straighten teeth which look unsightly, or it may be important for medical reasons, to correct a malocclusion which may cause difficulty eating, increase the risk of oral infections, or cause other problems. Wearing a fixed appliance can be uncomfortable. As long as the patient wears the device, special care needs to be taken to keep the teeth and mouth in good condition. Certain foods are often off limits because they can damage the appliance or leave residue which cannot be easily cleaned. After tightening and adjustments, the teeth and jaw are often sore for a few days.
Nance Appliance
Lingual Arch
Rake Habit Appliance

Thumb Sucking Appliance
Space Maintainers
Quad Helix Appliance

Upper RPE With Habit Appliance
Upper RPE
Lower Mini RPE

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